An An Medi – Latex Glove

Latex Glove is produced with premium natural high grade latex, it protects from unwanted & dangerous substances and suitable for all hand sizes.


Product Non-powdered Latex Examination Gloves
Material Natural high grade latex
Pơder Content Powder content ≤ 2 mg/dm2
Protein Level Aqueous extractable protein: 200ug/g or less with label claim
Colour Natural
Design & Features Ambidextrous, beaded cuff, smooth or fully palm textured
Packing 100pcs/box, 10 boxes/carton
Physical Dimensions Size Palm Width (mm) Length (mm)
Extra small
Extra large
< 80 85 ± 3 95 ± 3 105 ± 3 >110 min 240
min 240
min 240
min 240
min 240
Thickness Measurement Location Single Wall (mm)
Fingertip (at 13 ± 3mm from the extreme tip)
Palm ( at centre of palm)
min 0.01
min 0.01
Physical Properties Before Aging After Aging
(70 ± 2°C for 7
Tensile Strength
(Mpa) Elongation break (%)
min 18.0
min 650
min 14.0
min 500

An An Med Tech
Group JSC

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