Surgical Gown – AAMI level 4

Surgical gown use in operating rooms for surgical doctors of major surgery and minor surgery in medical and cosmetic surgery.
With material made from PVE or Equivalent to Tyvek, non-latex, it helps:
– Not absorbent
– High durability
– A comfortable, snug fit with a collar and sleeve
– Be disinfected
– Have a fixed lanyard at the waist

Criteria Standard.
Material PVE or Equivalent to Tyvek, latex free
Liquid barrier performance Pass ASTM F: 1671:2012
Grab tensile strength ASTM D5034:1995
Snag resistance ASTM D5587:1996
ASTM D2582:2000
Linting IST 160.1:1995
Heat loss ASTM F1868:1998 Part C
Water Vapor Transmission ASTM E96: 20
Sterilization Yes

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